Editorial services

Besides translations, we offer top-quality services for every stage of your editorial project. Our main services are listed below and are available in all the major European languages.

Revision of translations

Have you translated a text, or had one done for you, but you’re not sure about the result?

We can do a full revision, comparing the translation with the original for accuracy and style. We will deliver a revised and amended document, together with a second file showing all the corrections, so you have an appraisal of the quality of the initial translation and a definitive version.

Text editing

The purpose of editing is to improve the text stylistically and make it smoother and more effective. We can edit a translation or an original text, to ensure that its communicative impact is enhanced to the full.

Editing services are available for every kind of text, in all the major European languages.

Revision of texts written by non-native speakers

Many people, especially in the university and research sector, write directly in English. But having a good knowledge of English does not necessarily mean being able to write impeccable English. For this reason, before submitting or publishing their work, many people ask us to revise it and check for spelling, grammar, style and terminological appropriacy. At times, this may require collaboration between the author and the reviser. When tackling a specialist topic like Roman law, for instance, the reviser may need to consult with the author to clarify complex concepts and lexical choices.

If you request this service, a professional will work alongside you to prepare your specialist text for publication.

Editorial consistency

We make sure that the text you submit for publication complies with the editorial norms provided by the publisher, or, in the absence of these, with a widely accepted style guide in the language in question.

This crucial phase can be particularly complex when publishing in specialist journals.


The text has finally been revised, edited and impaginated. But a further check is required before giving the green light to print. This is the task of a particularly sharp-eyed and meticulous reader, who tends to pay little attention to the general meaning (already thoroughly checked), focusing instead on formal details of spelling and punctuation, layout, special characters, font size and italics, the position of titles, captions and so forth.

The first round of proofing identifies the corrections that are required. Once these changes have been made, the proofreader then carefully checks that the text has been amended correctly. Only then can it go to print with full peace of mind.

Audiovisual transcriptions

We can transcribe your audiovisual content in most European languages.

Although we employ automatic transcription tools, there is still a need for human intervention. This varies depending on the end purpose, and may involve the creation of subtitles or publication in the form of a written text.

We offer these services in most European languages!