We understand, interpret and recreate

We translate ideas , not words.

“Writers make national literature, while translators make universal literature.”

José Saramago

We specialise in literary, editorial and creative translation. For over twenty years we have worked with publishers, cultural and research institutions, museums and communication agencies, delivering translations and specialist editorial services in all the major world languages.

We work in all those sectors where only a human mother-tongue translator can understand, interpret and recreate a text in the target language.

Art translations

We collaborate closely with publishers, curators and researchers aiming for an international readership.

We are proud and happy to assist with any kind of text, whatever the disciplinary field, historic period or communicative purpose. Whether it is an essay on ancient art, a curator’s text about a contemporary installation, an exhibition catalogue or a press release, we are here to help.

Non-fiction translation

We cover areas ranging from history, literary criticism and philosophy to theatre, music, economics and the sciences. Our translators immerse themselves in the text, interpreting and teasing out the author’s nuances of meaning while maintaining scrupulously high standards of language and style.

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Tourism translations

From travel guides and tourist destination websites to multimedia storytelling and literary guides, in this sector established genres flourish alongside experimental new forms of writing.

To attract, interest and engage prospective visitors in what is above all a journey of emotions and the imagination.

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We collaborated on the French and Chinese translation of the contents of Visit Piemonte, the official website of the pre-regional tourist destination. It involved hundreds

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We are a multilingual group of professional translators specialised in fiction, non-fiction, art and communication. We also draw on a pool of collaborators with specific disciplinary expertise in science communication.