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Fewer than 5% of websites have an Arabic translation, yet there are over 420 million people in the world who speak Arabic, representing a huge targeting opportunity.

We translate from Arabic into English and from Arabic into Italian and vice versa, from Italian into Arabic and from English into Arabic.

Italian-Arabic translation agency and vice versa

Arabic is the language of many African countries, and also spoken in Turkey, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and all Muslim countries. Translation into and from Arabic with all the literary or dialectal Arabic variants requires specific and irreplaceable skills. It is extremely important to know the culture before the language, in order to select the right words, images and ‘colour’’ for a language with such a strong cultural identity.

Translations from Italian and English into Arabic must take into account specific factors due to the layout and writing. For example, in an English to Arabic translation, the text can expand by 20-30%, while in smaller format publications or on websites, it is necessary to intelligently translate and adapt the content.

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