Young People

children's fiction

• October 2022

I leoni non mangiano crocchette

Author: André Bouchard

Publisher: Glifo

Translation languages: fr > ita

Translators: Maria Valeria Caredda per Il Nuovo Traduttore Letterario

Is there any better weapon than humour for communicating with children? Humour makes the unacceptable acceptable, helps them to face the worst case scenario with a degree of calm!

These are the words of André Bouchard, the author of I leoni non mangiano crocchette (Lions don’t eat croquettes), a sophisticated and amusing illustrated book recently published by Glifo edizioni, which our translator Maria Valeria Caredda had the pleasure of translating.

The book was also featured in the weekly publication Robinson on 24 April 2022 with an article by Bouchard himself.

You can find it here »