Architecture at Work. Towns and Landscapes of Industrial Heritage

Architecture at Work

We are delighted to have contributed to the English version of this project, which was both complex and original, a survey of “company towns”, housing settlements for workers in large production complexes, across centuries, continents and manufacturing activities. It describes well-known and less-known case studies of industrial architecture, but also examines the social, sociological, and […]

Luca Meda. Architecture, Design, Drawings

This is the first outstanding monograph dedicated to the multi-faceted work of Luca Meda, the architect and designer who was a driving force in the Italian industrial design scene between the 1960s and 1990s.The volume contains critical essays, interviews and an annotated catalogue of his major works.

Capolavori della fotografia moderna 1900-1940

This is the catalogue of the exhibition organised by the Museo della Svizzera Italiana [Museum of Italian Switzerland] in Lugano in 2021, then hosted in Turin at Camera – Centro Italiano per la fotografia [Italian Centre for Photography] from March to June 2022. This exhibition was dedicated to the extraordinary creative fervour in photography between […]

Sulla scacchiera. Arte e scienza degli scacchi / O Xadrez e o Cérebro – Arte e Ciência / Chess and Brain. Art and science

A foray into a very ancient game, full of historical, artistic and literary appeal, seen from the interesting perspective of neuroscience. It is illustrated by a selection of the world’s most valuable chessboards, beautifully photographed by Massimo Listri: artistic artefacts from various eras and countries that portray the game aesthetically and figuratively, suggesting the relationship […]

Andrea Bassi, Roberto Carella. Materialität / Materialité / Materiality. Bibliotheca n. 5/2020

This monograph is dedicated to the architectural research of the two Geneva architects in their Bassicarella studio, focusing on certain key concepts in their work: materiality, presence, construction, prefabrication, and interior style. In a series of volumes in the Bibliotheca series, the architects reflect on these themes through extracts of images, short texts and technical […]

Case Moderne. Scoperte architettoniche all’Isola d’Elba

This photography book showcases the Island of Elba not only from the point of view of its scenic beauty, but also explores the hidden architectural gems perfectly integrated in the green scrubland. Buildings conceived to become one with the environment, blending perfectly with the light and the sea views. Description of the buildings and beautiful […]

Leonardo. Das letzte Abendmahl / Leonardo. La Cène / Leonardo. La última cena

We had the pleasure of handling the translation into three languages of this compact but dense monograph dedicated to Leonardo’s Last Supper. Written by distinguished authors, including Carlo Pedretti, one of the most famous scholars of Leonardo, it entailed an analysis of the work, its context and its history of corruption and restoration.


The Art & Dossier series, with its hundreds of monographs on a wide variety of topics, are world famous. Giunti Editore has expanded this formula to introduce younger readers to art. The formula includes a biography, a presentation of the main works, workshop proposals and a glossary. The great challenge for the translator is to […]

A.R. Penck

This is the catalogue of a most interesting exhibition entirely dedicated to an important but little-known German artist of the 20th century. Born during the Second World War, raised in the Dresden of real socialism and trained as a painter under the dictates of state art, A.R. Penck pursued a formal research that moves towards […]