Websites, banners, apps, videos, digital publishing. We localise every kind of content for the web and the digital world, creating multilingual versions that retain the tone, style and strategic organisation of the original project, while avoiding the “amateur website” effect produced by well-known machine translation tools :-)

Visit Piemonte

We collaborated on the French and Chinese translation of the contents of Visit Piemonte, the official website of the pre-regional tourist destination. It involved hundreds of pages with descriptions of

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Foto / Industria 2021

For years we have been working with the MAST Foundation on the translation of the texts for Foto/Industria. Every two years, this extraordinary exhibition of industrial photography brings the city

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Progetto Adrijo

REMEMBER – REstoring the MEmory of Adriatic ports sites. Maritime culture to foster Balanced tERritorial growth is an Italy-Croatia cross-border cooperation programme for the enhancement of Adriatic ports. Among other

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Tourism Australia

The Australian government’s official website for the promotion of tourism, Tourism Australia is a platform brimming with information, sightseeing proposals, itineraries, special focuses and, above all, plenty of nature. And

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Visit Tuscany

The official tourist information website of the Region of Tuscany, Visit Tuscany, is a platform loaded with information, tips, insights and fun facts, collected under different criteria such as localities,

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E-Archeo is a project sponsored by Ales, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the CNR and several Italian universities. It collects the scientific knowledge from eight

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