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• September 2021

Foto / Industria 2021

Author: Autori vari

Publisher: Fondazione MAST

Translation languages: various languages

For years we have been working with the MAST Foundation on the translation of the texts for Foto/Industria. Every two years, this extraordinary exhibition of industrial photography brings the city of Bologna to life with an extensive exhibition at the MAST venue and ten other venues scattered throughout the city. Each edition is dedicated to a theme and in 2021, it was FOOD, with the translation into English and Italian of the curators’ texts, artists’ biographies, and panels for the exhibition halls.

A unique opportunity to translate interesting texts and also visit the exhibition, which is always extraordinarily impressive!

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Ando Gilardi began taking photographs when he was very young, but it was at the end of the Second World War, spent fighting with the partisans, that he developed an awareness of the extraordinary documentary value of images produced with this technique. On behalf of an inter-Allied committee, he reproduced and collated wartime photographs so they could be used as evidence during the trials of Nazi and Fascist criminals. It marked the beginning of an engagement with the medium that lasted a lifetime. In the period that followed, in fact, Gilardi was keen to accompany the articles he wrote as a reporter for the daily newspaper L’Unità and the magazine Lavoro with pictures taken while gathering information and first-hand accounts for his pieces. Between 1950 and 1964, Gilardi travelled the length and breadth of Italy, from North to South, documenting the lives of workers and labourers where they worked, with their families and in labour disputes. His photographs visibly display the understanding he had with his subjects, who always collaborated with him to recount their lives in the most convincing way for “their” newspaper.